Corn Maze

Our family pumpkin patch and corn maze are great fun.

2021 will be our 14th CORN MAZE.  We create a different design each year guaranteed to provide many opportunities to get “lost and found”. 

Our amazing Corn MAZES 

are always a creative picture with the traditional back and forth around the corner maze design in or around the picture. 
There is usually a smaller section of the corn maze for kids so that it is more enjoyable for younger children or those who don’t or can’t walk very far. 

The design in the corn is the walking paths, which are about four feet wide.  The corn is sprayed out in early June to create the design. After that the weeds are sprayed and then tilled to make the paths nice and smooth.  Early in the season, before the corn is frozen it is easier to get lost because you can’t see through the corn. Later in the season, after a freeze or two and thousands of footprints resulting in hard packed surfaces, it is a little harder to get lost in the corn maze.

We have moonlight/flashlight corn mazes on Saturday nights which are a completely different experience!  Getting lost and found takes on a whole new meaning when you can’t see very well and you are afraid one of your friends is going to try to scare you!   Because we promote a “family” atmosphere we don’t have a “scary” maze.

The pumpkin patch and CORN MAZE open the last Saturday in September and close October 31st at 6:00 PM.